004 Danny O'Brien & Suji Yan | Digital rights, decentralization, and how to steal our revolution back


Our guests Danny O’Brien and Suji, although from two different generations, have both worked as a journalist and an activist. And both of them were forerunners of the de-centralization movements. They are here to talk about their inspirations and experiences in cyberspace.



Danny O’Brien

Suji Yan


Hana  Nick

Post production:

Waylen Roche

Episode breakdown:

1:03 Guests introduction: Danny O’Brien and Suji Yan

3:33 Danny’s thoughts on John Perry Barlow’s Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace (1996) today; why is this text so meaningful in the historical context?

6:52 The global impact of the text - Suji’s memory about the Declaration in when he was in China; and how this text inspired Suji to join the web3 space

13:43 What is “adversarial Interoperability”, and why it’s related to reclaiming digital rights? Why Danny say, “They stole our revolution, now we’re stealing it back?”

16:11 Why Youtube today is built this way? Why Facebook today is built this way? And how can we challenge this?

18:42 As a technologist and entrepreneur in web3, what is Suji’s belief in building products and spreading the message?

22:11 Can web2 giants like Twitter or Facebook do any self-correction and self-ramification? Will initiatives like Bluesky work in the end?

26:27 Some classic utopian stories: the story of Robert Owen; Signal

33:15 The alignment of moral cause and incentive in web3; how to make web3 applications easier to use? And what’s the challenge of the Web3 Revolution?

38:30 Danny’s experience in entering “web3,” a space seen as full of monetization or tokenization

43:30 Too many entrepreneurs and investors other there, but not as many activists in web3?

51:20 Danny’s career with Filecoin Foundation and Starling Lab and why they are important


EFF: Electronic Frontier Foundation The Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace Adversarial Interoperability Bluesky Initiative by Twitter Bicycles for the mind Signal: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Signal_(software)) Free Software Foundation Filecoin Foundation Starling Lab https://archive.org/

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