005 Nathan Schneider | Expanding the ownership of communities could be the future of web3


Nathan Schneider is a professor, journalist, and author who extensively covers social movements in the United States and beyond. He speaks to us about Elon Musk's proposed acquisition of Twitter, what it means to have a community-owned company, and Proof Of Stake, a book he worked on with Vitalik Buterin.



Nathan Schneider


Hana Hehe

Post production:

Waylen Roche

Episode breakdown:

1:03 Guest introduction: Nathan Schneider

2:53 The importance of Twitter to Nathan

5:20 How should Twitter be governed if it was a public utility?

7:34 How can we enable community ownership of companies?

10:52 The shift in power dynamics from centralised corporations to decentralised communities

13:26 Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter

19:40 Are "benevolent dictators" possible?

23:50 Expanding the ownership of communities to minority groups, such as non-English speakers

29:26 On Twitter being an archive of human history

33:01 Nathan shares his thoughts on his upcoming book with Vitalik

37:37 The future of Ethereum

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